Planet NRON offers the Ultimate Mental Diet for Hustlers, Seekers, Entrepreneurs & Artists.


1. Achieve Peak Mental Performance & Tap into your Flow States


Planet NRON is #1 Free Growth & Evolution Web App offering the largest compilation of Motivation, Meditation, Mindfulness, Music, Fitness to help you achieve peak mental performance.

Start your day with Powerful Motivation or High Energy Music, use Meditation & Mindfulness to bring more clarity into your thoughts and tap into your flow states more often, Focus Better and get more done at work using Ambient music, White noise and Nature melodies at the background, Sleep and rest better using with hypnotic sleep music & guided meditations.

2. Discover Latest Videos from Top Personal Growth Channels


NRON is the #1 Library of Top Personal Growth Youtube Channels.

Now, follow your favourite personal Growth YouTube Channels on NRON. Don’t miss out on the latest videos, podcasts, book summaries & video essays from the Top 500 Mind Expanding, Thought Provoking Personal Growth YouTube Channels in one place.

3. Binge watch Your way to Greatness


NRON is a Growing Library of Documentaries, Lost Interviews, Rare Footages and undiscovered goldmines on YouTube

There are hundreds of YouTube Channels that never get discovered for the casual user, some containing mind blowing videos with timeless wisdom. We’re constantly curating such channels and indexing them on NRON so in the coming months NRON will be the home to one of the most profound libraries of Classic audios books, interviews, documentaries & films to inspire you even more to keep moving towards your vision.

Here’s a quick break down..

MODULE I – MOTIVATION : 1200+ Motivation audios, videos & feeds from top 30 YouTube channels to get fired up everyday to push harder than your competition 

MODULE II – DAILY MEDITATIONS : Over 500+ Simple Guided Meditations to choose from and centre yourself anytime of the day

MODULE III – ADVANCED MEDITATIONS : Quantum jumping, Astral travel, Lucid dreaming to access the infinite energy of the cosmos 

MODULE IV – MIND MUSIC : NRON’s Mind Music collection is second to none. A mega collection of Nature Melodies, White noises, SoundScapes, Instrumentals, Deep relaxation & Sleep Music, Ambient background music to help you study, work, relax better and tap into your flow states more frequently.

MODULE V – FOCUS MUSIC : NRON also hosts a wide compilation of 1-2 hour sets of Ambient music, Psy Chill, Psy Trance and high energy Progressive trance to help you crush your study & work sessions like a beast.

MODULE V – NRON Insights : NRON is not just a mindfulness app, it is a growing library of the top YouTube Channels, Playlists, Podcasts, Movies, Documentaries, Biographies, Audio Books & Summaries across Personal Growth, Entrepreneurship, Arts, Metaphysics, Science, Culture, Philosophy and more to help us discover breakthrough ideas, inspiration & insights on a daily basis to reach our goals faster than others.

MODULE VI – NRON STREAM : NRON is continuously streaming the latest videos from top 300+ YouTube Channels on Personal Growth and Evolution – so you don’t miss a thing!