You belong to the stars

I heard you bought a new car,
house and got a promotion
Went around the world
with your lover on a vacation
These are things I always wanted,
instead i was handed a bag full of
debts, heartbreaks & humiliation

My world around me is crumbling
list of failures and heartbreaks
are only growing
time flying, loved ones dying
the promises I made to myself,
I wasn’t lying

They call me crazy
and out of touch,
irresponsible and no clue
how the world works
They ask me,
why don’t I have a job and a steady pay?
Why don’t i get real n live day to day?
there are rules I’m supposed to obey
if I don’t, I’m not fit to stay

to those, this is what I have to say…

Fuck your car and your house
and the GPS anklet you call your spouse
you’re sedated and drugged just like a lab mouse
scared of the imaginary slaughter house
I won’t waste my time to get you out of your cozy warm cave
but call out the ones that can still be saved

I’m writing this for the ones that are struggling
and barely getting by
but has a dream in their heart but doesn’t know why
Survived a hundred mental suicide
but the dream still burning bright and seems forever alive

Close your eyes and shut out from this circus
you’ll see you are way beyond the selfish goals
of owning a bunch of cars

Coz My friend, you belong to the stars
you can save the world from it’s wars
Don’t waste it in buying a bunch of cars

Do something of such significance
when you die the sun shuts down,
the planets stop in their tracks
and mourn your absence

Do something of such significance
When you die a billion hearts broken
Only to be open
to be free from this man made slavery

Do something of such significance
When you’re dead and gone
But your story lives on
To inspire the millions living
and the billions that are unborn

Coz my friend you belong to the stars
You can save the world from it’s wars
Don’t waste it in buying a bunch of cars

~ Chris

Our Mission at Planet NRON is simple, to elevate, expand and nurture our mind to be able to tap into our flow states and the well spring of creativity that could help us achieve our wildest dreams, overcome the toughest challenges and help us discover our true gifts and eventually sharing those gifts with the entire world and beyond.

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