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About our report:
Use our natal chart calculator and find your Sun sign, the Ascendant, the Houses and Midheaven, as well as all the planetary aspects (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto), which shape your future. As shown in our astrology birth chart, our natal horoscope is decided at the time of our birth and the planetary positions signify personality traits that will follow us for the rest of our lives. One’s birth chart in astrology is their unique fingerprint in this life as at the time of our birth, the universe seems to classify us under a star sign.
If you have a look at your birth chart, you will see that your horoscope is an extremely complex system of interacting elements that come together in a unique way for each one of us, to complete our profile puzzle.
That is why, we have created this unique Personality Focused Natal report by curating the best videos on each planetary position of your chart.

Benefits of this unique video report?

  • Learn in-depth about your personality based on your Ascendant, Sun sign, Moon sign and other planetary positions combined
  • Discover your key natural strengths, weaknesses & tendencies and leverage them in real life
  • Get a deep understanding of each planetary position explained by multiple experts


You’ll have a much greater understanding and relationship with yourself and better equipped to device plans to attain your life goals. I personally believe, being aware of who we are, our natural gifts, talents, short comings – can prove to be one of the most important step towards a more successful and fulfilling life. Without knowing our inner desires, drives, fears and patterns that we’re born with – we generally tend to deviate from our life’s purpose by being swayed by our surroundings. Once we know, who we really are and our purpose – we can push towards our dreams with more conviction.

So what is a birth-chart? Your birth chart is a snapshot of the heavens at the precise time and place of your birth. It’s the astrological blueprint of your incarnation (complete with soul’s intent) and a roadmap to your personality, your relationships and, ultimately, your destiny.

How do you read a birth chart? Chart interpretation proceeds by analysis, then synthesis. First you analyse the position of the astrological planets and points, by zodiac sign, house and aspect. Then you synthesise all this information into a complete and meaningful picture. Why synthesise? Well, you might read in part of your chart interpretation that you are outgoing and sociable and in another that you’re introverted and shy. So which is it? We humans are complex creatures and there’s much more going than meets the eye. The bits you don’t identify with are just as important as those you do, no less because they create powerful attractions to particular people and relationships! Synthesising contradictory information will tell you which bits make up your personality and which create your relationship destiny!

So what are the key components of a birth-chart?

First up is your Ascendant. This is the zodiac sign that rises in the eastern horizon at the precise moment and location of your birth. Once you dig deeper into astrology, you’ll quickly realise that Ascendant is of far greater important than your Sun & Moon sign. Also it happens to be more unique to your time of birth.

The natal Moon is also of crucial importance in chart interpretation (in India, it’s even placed over and above the sun!) and that’s because it represents the emotional and mental screen through which you filter all your life experience. Also, all the transits and predictions are mostly done based around the movement of the moon in relation to other planets. Moon’s position in your Natal chart is as important.

So what if you don’t know your birth-time?  You can still gain valuable astrological information without a birth-time. Just calculate your chart for 12 noon (the middle of your birthday) and ignore any Ascendant or house information that comes up. Focus on the aspects and the planets in signs. You won’t be able to get down to the nitty gritty without an accurate time but you’ll get the broad brushstrokes – and certainly loads over and above your sun sign!

Now, you might wonder, how do C-sections and planned births affect a birth chart?  These are very common after all, especially in the 21st century. Your doctor tells you to come in at a specific date and time convenient to them and, lo and behold, a whole new destiny is this way born! Surely there is something wrong with that picture? Does this mean, for instance, that certain people are born at the ‘wrong’ time?

To answer this question, we need to look at the philosophical underpinnings of birth “horoscopes” (literally “hour-watching”). At core, Astrology is the art of reading time. Our human choices (or the doctor’s!) are never outside the cosmic clock and so cannot ‘jinx’ it. The moment something happens encodes the cosmic blueprint for that event and for its future unfoldment. Whether the event is planned or accidental, whether it’s a natural birth or a C-section, it’ at the ‘appointed time’. There is, under this picture, no such thing as being born at the ‘wrong’ time. But maybe there is a deeper question to be asked: do we choose our birth-time and place? Many astrologers believe that we do! Because this ensures that we have free will at a soul-level. If so, planned births are nothing special. Just a chosen moment in time from a much wider perspective.



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