Easiest way to reveal the secrets of your Birth Chart (For beginners)

I started being interested in astrology about a year back, while it’s very insightful – it can be very confusing given various philosophies and systems that have branched out over the centuries. I would like to break it down in layman terms so you can benefit from the science without diving deep into it and spending months in just understanding the fundamentals.

Astrology is not just about predicting events, in my experience the far greater implication of astrology is self-discovery. i.e. learning who you are – and once you know your natural strengths, weaknesses and tendencies of your personality you’ll be exceptionally more equipped to make the right decisions for your life.

You see, we’re all hard wired to be a certain way. You might naturally gravitate towards rap music, while I might naturally gravitate towards melodious music, you might like to enjoy casual relationships while your friend might find greater satisfaction in deeper meaningful relationships. You might be a rash risk taker or you might be a calculative risk taker. All of these subtle personality traits are deeply ingrained in our psyche.

There are things that you’re naturally good at – it cannot be destroyed nor it can be taught. For example, have you met someone who is naturally good with words, they can write poems, short stories, essays effortlessly while you might find it to be an excruciating task to even pen down a few lines about yourself on your CV. Then there are people who are naturally good with numbers – while you might find it impossible to imagine yourself in an accounting job, they cannot imagine themselves doing anything but working with numbers. These are traits that we’re naturally born with – if you take advantage of these traits, there’s much greater chance of not just doing well in life but also have a more fulfilling life by choosing the right endeavours that align with your personality.

Coming back to understanding your personality through Astrology..

There are four primary ways to understand your personality through astrology. Once you combine them and try and match with what you already know about yourself – you’ll get a crystal clear picture about yourself.

Before I explain those, let me tell you why I created this post while there are abundant of materials already available on the internet. You see, the beauty of internet is – you get to listen to multiple experts and unique perspectives on complex ideas. Here what you would find extremely helpful is the compilation of each ‘topic’ – giving you a deep understanding of particular ‘Planetary Combination’ in your chart.

Let’s get right into it.

Five key ways to understand yourself with Astrology

  1. Your ascendant

  2. Placement of your ascendant lord

  3. Your sun sign

  4. Your moon sign

  5. Planets in all houses houses

While you can go deeper by understanding the placement of your ascendant lord, then the placement of each house lord in different houses, then conjunctions, aspects, D9 & D10 chart analysis, planetary degrees, nakshatras and so much more  – but in my experience knowing the five key aspects of your birth chart should be more than enough to learn about yourself.

Here’s how to get started

Step 1 – Get your birth chart

Get your Astrology Birth Chart here

Once you submit your birth details and submit you’ll get your entire birth chart. You can choose to download the pdf version or view it online. Either way, here’s how it will appear, just the first two pages of the chart has all the info you need. Below is an example chart of Albert Einstein:

Planet’s abbreviation: Su – Sun, Mo – Moon, Me – Mercury, Ma – Mars, Ju – Jupiter, Ve – venus, Sa – Saturn, Ra – Rahu (or the North Node), Ke – Ketu (or the South Node),.

Step 2 – Obtain key info from your birth chart

Ok, so here is the key take away from Albert Einstein’s chart. Similarly, make a note of the key info of your own birth chart.

  • Ascendant : Gemini
  • Ascendant Lord: Mercury
  • Moon sign: Scorpion
  • Sun Sign: Pisces
  • Ascendant Lord placement; (10th house) as Mercury is in his 10th House of birth chart.
  • Planetary positions are as follows;
  1.  (1st House) – No planets
  2.  (2nd House) – Ketu
  3.  (3rd House) – Uranus
  4.  (4th House) – No planets
  5.  (5th House) – No planets
  6.  (6th House) – Moon
  7.  (7th House) – No Planets
  8.  (8th House) – Rahu, Mars
  9.  (9th House) – Jupiter
  10.  (10th House) – Mercury, Sun Venus, Saturn
  11.  (11th House) – Neptune
  12.  (12th House) – Pluto

if this your first time, it could be a good idea to jot this info for your birth chart on a page. Once you’re ready with this info, you’re ready analyse your chart. Let’s get on with it..

Assuming you’ve your Sun sign, Moon Sign, Ascendant and the position of your planets handy – you’re all set. Firstly let’s understand the difference between your Sun sign, Moon Sign and your Ascendant.

To put it in the most simplistic way;

Sun sign – your outward personality or how you interact with the word r your perceived personality.

Moon sign – represents how you’re mentally & emotional.

Ascendant –  represents your core personality, your inner self

You’ll have an amalgamation of all three personality types.

When I used read about my Sun sign, I used to be mildly satisfied – it was more of a psychological thing to agree to those personality traits. It is only when I discovered about ‘Ascendant’ – I realized the true power of astrology. I personally identify myself with my Rising sign/ascendant to almost 80% of it’s traits – while I do have my Moon sign & Sun sign traits, but nothing fascinated me as much as the traits I discovered about myself through my Ascendant.

Step 3 – Learn about your Signs & Planets

Learn the traits of Sun & Moon Sign and dig deep int your Ascendant sign – if this is your first time, I believe you’re going to surprise yourself as what you discover about yourself through your ascendant.

Now, below is the compilation of all the best videos on every Sign and Planetary position you might have. How does this help? You see, the beauty of internet is having multiple view points from a diverse group of experts. That is exactly what this is. Instead of your wasting time hopping around the internet looking for the right videos and articles, we’ve handpicked the best ones for you to deep dive into your Sun sign, Moon Sign, Ascendant and all planetary positions without lifting a finger.