Why use Calm when you can use NRON Meditation & Sleep music for free?

Before you upgrade to Calm Premium and spend $150 USD a year ($12.99/month)  – let me show you why NRON could be a reasonably better alternative.

Here are 3 reasons why you should switch to NRON


1. NRON is 100% Free

100% of our sleep music, guided meditations are free for unlimited use. There are no restrictions in any of our content or the number of times you can play them.

2. NRON has 10X more variety and still growing

If you see NRON’s meditations, Sleep music, nature melodies and a large collection of soothing background music including chants, instrumentals, trance, classical, white noises and binaural beats infused relaxing melodies – you would notice NRON’s music & sound collection is far superior to that of Calm’s.

This is not just in case of music & sounds, NRON even has a larger collection of Guided meditations, from simple meditations like Stress Relief, Daily affirmations, Gratitude meditation, Letting go meditation, Mindfulness & Manifestation meditations to advanced meditations such as Aura cleansing, Chakra Balancing, Zen Meditation, Lucid dreaming, Astral Travel & Quantum Journeys.

Whether you’re beginner or advanced level meditator – NRON’s collection will help you in any type of meditation you’re in the mood for. We also have a huge collection of Meditation music.

3. You can do wayyy more than just ‘Meditation & Sleep’

The whole idea behind NRON is to be able to help you push your limits and reach higher levels of conscious living – and potentially achieve more on this material plane with a stronger, more efficient inner programming through music, sounds & meditations.

Meditation & Sleep is only a small part of our daily needs. Our Motivational videos & Audios is equally popular. Listening to these Audios – gives you a rush of energy and motivation that helps you push harder towards your goals.

Checkout our Motivational audios, videos, words of wisdom, life lessons and more.

A growing number of Documentaries, Audio books & Biographies – what we call ‘thoughtful entertainment’.

NRON is a far better alternative to Calm App – based on it’s variety and usability and not to forget that it costs $0 compared to Calm’s $12.99/month.


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