Cancer Ascendant (Everything you need to know)

The ruler of Cancer ascendant is the Moon, who endows you with intuition and sensitivity and helps you to adjust easily to all situations.
You are friendly, sociable and genial and always try to protect yourself and those you love from any danger. You are the harbour for the friend and acquaintance who is in trouble and selflessly offer all help possible.

Cancer Rising Sign: The Ascendant in Cancer and its meaning

House and home provide the meaning for your life. You do not so much see the luxury but the comfort and security that personal space can offer you. Your favourite objects are to be found in this space and this is somewhere you can withdraw to when you are feeling vulnerable.
You have a need to feel accepted, and emotional satisfaction is more essential and important than any other success or value you have in your life.
You are rather possessive and often jealous for no reason. You constantly want to be the focus of your partner’s attention and, when this isn’t the case, are very disappointed. This might lead you to having a secret affair or dalliance, simply so that you can receive the interest that is missing, ignoring the risks involved.
You have a very developed intuition and imagination, which you use to find out other people’s intentions and aims towards you. You may channel this energy towards many areas at the same time – social, emotional and psychological – when you want to achieve your goals.
Financial security is for you the key to a happy family life and you know that this can be achieved through your work. You work consistently and can quickly win yourself a good position, while your excellent negotiating skills will help you make good investments.
You will often ‘camouflage’ your insecurities and express ideas and opinions that you do not genuinely believe in order not to be considered reactionary. With such behaviour, however, and without realising it, you are distancing yourself emotionally from the person who is interested in you, raising persistent questions about your true feelings.

It’s natural that the passage of the Moon will influence your mood, with the result that many women become sensitive during a Full Moon, while men become so at the time of a New Moon.

Cancer ascendant personality traits

As a Cancer Ascendant, your ruler planet is the Moon and it is also the ruling planet of the first House in your astrology chart. The Moon is connected to intuition and sensitivity, as well as mood swings as it changes constantly. You are likely to be intuitive and very sensitive yourself, tending to hide that sensitivity underneath a tough exterior –much like the Crab, symbol of Cancer. Your Cancer Ascendant makes you friendly, but always cautious to protect yourself and those you love from unseen dangers. People come to you for comfort and you have something of a motherly figure within you that attracts the hurt and scared people in search of a secure shelter.

People with their Rising sign in Cancer are particularly attached to their home and family and have a tendency to hoard items that are valuable to them. You do not so much see the luxury but the comfort and security that a place you can call “your own”  offers you, especially when you are feeling threatened or vulnerable. You have a deep seeded need to feel accepted and loved, therefore emotional gratification is more essential and important to you than any other value in your life. For a Cancer Ascendant, success is measured by the hugs you can get when returning home after a tiring day and the love you can feel surrounding you.

Sometimes this need for love and security may cause you to be jealous or possessive, as you constantly want to be the focus of your loved ones’ attention and you feel deeply hurt when that is not the case. You have a very well developed intuition which you can easily use to ascertain other people’s intentions –you can see clearly what others think most of the time and that is a powerful weapon. Make sure to channel this energy wisely and towards a good purpose, otherwise you might end up losing people you love because of your suspiciousness.

Financial security is for you the key to a happy family life and you know that this can only be achieved through hard work. Cancer Ascendant people make for excellent employees as they are not afraid of hard work or responsibility and can carry out the most demanding tasks quickly and efficiently.

Naturally, since the Moon influences your mood constantly, you are likely to suffer from bad mood swings, altering from happy and content to disappointed and depressed very quickly. Women with Cancer Ascendant become particularly sensitive during a Full Moon, while men become so mostly during a New Moon. In any case, try to control you impulses as people around you won’t be able to understand what is going on!

Cancer Ascendant Man

Cancer Ascendant men look for someone they can call home – a partner with whom they can be themselves. They wish to find someone to fully commit to and start a family with. They need to feel confident that their affections are reciprocated before they express their attraction to the woman they’re interested in. A woman usually has to earn their trust before they have sex with her. As soon as they get intimate with someone, they become overly attached to them. They are highly intuitive and attuned to the emotions of their partner, but when their insecurities get the best of them, they become controlling and needy.

Cancer Ascendant Woman

Cancer Ascendant women tend to be possessive and insecure in their romantic relationships. When they feel neglected, they withdraw into themselves and give their partner the cold shoulder. They wish to find a relatively well-off partner who won’t be fickle in his affections, but often end up in relationships with men on the rebound. They resemble Cancer Ascendant men in that they, too, have a highly developed intuition and equate sex with commitment. They have no problem taking care of the children while their husband earns the money, but won’t take kindly to being expected to shoulder the full weight of running the household.

Celebrities with Cancer ascendant:

Famous people with Cancer Rising are Angelina Jolie, Liv Tyler, Salvador Dali, Albert Einstein, Cameron Diaz, Farrah Fawcett, Bill Gates, John Travolta, Cindy Crawford, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, George Michael, Julia Roberts, Bill Gates, Kanye West, Ben Affleck, Mel Gibson, Tyra Banks, Michael Jordan, Kate Hudson, Lisa Kudrow, Iggy Pop.

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