Cloud Atlas | In-Depth Analysis: The Misunderstood Revolutionary Masterpiece

Cloud Atlas is the first movie of its kind to combine eastern philosophy with western theoretical physics. Giving us a movie that synergistically explores the concepts of quantum entanglement and reincarnation. At face value, this film is about our actions rippling across time, affecting the preceding lives to come. Yet, there is much more going on beneath the surface. The Philosophy of Cloud Atlas extends far beyond the limitations of a movie. You see, reality — existence, is a mystery. Humans try to make sense of it all. Depending on the frame of reference, there will be a different explanation for reality. Religions formed originally with the intent of questioning reality, before becoming the institutionalized social indoctrination machines that they are now. Despite the dogmatic thinking displayed by some scientists, Science is the closest we have to a non-biased approach of viewing reality. As, science is simply analyzing what can be weighed and measured. However, with the development of quantum mechanics, humans have been analyzing the fundamentals of reality, and they show that not all aspects of reality can be weighed or measured. One such aspect of reality is consciousness. Sure, we can study brain activity, and see which part of the brain is firing the neurones in correlation to the experience of the human. But, none of these things are measuring consciousness. It in and of itself is a mystery that is still trying to be solved by modern scientists. If one takes the time to study quantum mechanics, you’ll find that things are not what they same. Everything is in relation to something else. That is to say, that the appearance of solid matter, is an illusion created by wavelengths vibrating at specific frequencies, pulling subatomic particles together, forming atoms, molecules, cells and so on. Atoms are 99% empty space, meaning that the appearance of solid matter, is an illusion of the brain. Our brain receives a copious amount of information, in which it filters through giving us the perception of reality that we have. We’re going to have to use metaphors to describe reality from this view, but from a quantum perspective, we are a field of energy, manifested in a physical 3 Dimensional Space-Time continuum, that we call the universe. The Universe as its definition states, is of space and time and their contents, including planets, stars, galaxies, and all other forms of matter and energy. That is to say — everything including you or I — is the universe. Now, what is Consciousness from a quantum perspective? What is consciousness from a 4th dimensional perspective and onwards? Where space-time is now interconnected. You see, the perception of reality, from these higher dimensional perspectives, is very different from our 3D perspective. In our 3D manifestation of the universe, we are apparently, separated, time is linear, and reality is a sequence of events from birth to death. Now, from the perspective of 5D space, all things, all points in time, are indistinguishable from one another. There is no future, past or present, these concepts of time only exist in the 3D universe. But, in the 5D universe everything is one. It is hard if not impossible, to wrap our heads around this concept, which is so alien from our normal experience of life, and the assumptions we have about it. But, from the 5D perspective onwards, reality is one simultaneous experience of the beginning and end of existence, to the point of which there is no beginning and end. These mind bending realizations are directly related to the teachings of ancient eastern philosophy. The perception is, is that the universe is one, and we are one with it. They say that the soul, or consciousness in this regard, is experiencing itself in every possible variation. Is this not what the universe is doing? From a single point, the big bang, to every manifestation of matter? Quantum entanglement shows that there remains a connection between particles, Even after they’ve been separated. Apply this to the big bang, and you’ll see that the correlation exists. That both these perspectives of science and spirituality, are showing that we are all one, experiencing itself subjectively as all forms of matter in the universe. From this perspective, we can see how consciousness, which can neither be weighed or measured, is a artifact of the higher dimensions. That is to say that you, exist on multiple dimensions, simultaneously. The point of view which is you, has already died and been born again. You are just living through it from a 3D perspective, through a linear motion of time. And, with that being the case, you are everything experiencing itself. But, from this 3D perspective, you are the body that identifies you as an individual. We are all one.

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