Life of Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden is an American computer professional and former American National Security Agency subcontractor, who blew the whistle about many of his employer’s ‘unethical’ activities. The reason he gave for the leaks was that ‘their practices were disturbing’ and he thought it was the right thing to do to show the world what the intelligence agency was up to. He revealed that NSA was included in some domestic surveillance practices, which he thought were infringement of privacy and spent several years collecting evidences. Snowden, worrying his safety, fled to Hong Kong and met with a reporter from ‘The Guardian’ to get his findings printed, shocking the world, especially the United States of America. Presently, Snowden is staying in Russia and stands strongly with his decision of getting the documents leaked. A documentary made on his life and works, titled ‘Citizenfour’ won an Oscar in 2015 and ace director Oliver Stone also made a film on his life titled ‘Snowden’, where his role was played by Joseph Gordon Levitt. Snowden remains a national hero in eyes of most of American public, while an outlaw for NSA.

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