How to make $100K/month online (Strategy & income breakdowns for anyone to get started)

With growing uncertainty around the world, we’re quickly moving into a self-employed economy – where most people would be rendering their services to corporates on a contractual basis while they own businesses on the side.

People will no more depend completely on a company’s salary – and this is going to be the new normal. People who do not understand this phenomenon and unable adopt to this change will be left behind.

Even the most talented, hard working, creative folks will be replaced by folks who’s willing to work at cheaper rates, promotions and bonuses will evaporate and there will always be a lingering anxiety of being laid off anytime the company starts to dwindle.

It is time that you start building something of your own, something that will make money on autopilot, that works 24/7, that you can grow and expand the way you want.

There has never been a good time to start thinking about building a side hustle, and given all the volatility in the market this should be enough motivation to do it now.

The online world in confusing with dozens of platforms and business models to choose from – it often takes a good 5-6 years to figure out a strategy that best works for you. But not for everyone, I know people who have become extra-ordinarily successful within 6 months. The difference between them and the ones that fail has always been the willingness to devote time to learn the game.

You’ll only succeed if you believe in ‘educated risks’ – not ’emotional risks’ . Educated risks – involve preparing yourself before taking the plunge, i.e. investing a good deal of time in studying other successful businesses and strategies and plotting your own master plan. Not many people do, they quickly jump into building something without a solid strategy backing it and then they fail. Failures are expensive, emotionally and financially. When you put in 6-12 months in a project and have nothing to show for at the end, it is very painful – most people give up when something like this happens.

To help you get started with a solid plan and avoid the common mistakes people make – I’ve curated this list of videos from experts who share their strategies on how they went about building their cashflows online. You’ll get a fair idea of how much various channels make, the work required and the time & effort you have to put in.

Hope the following video at least help come up with some preliminary ideas to start your new venture, I will be doing more in-depth tutorials to help you execute on your plans. Talk soon.

Do watch all these videos – it will be time well spent.

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