Libra Ascendant (Everything you need to know)

Libra ascendant is governed by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty and endows you with a noble charm and finesse, which will make you loved and wanted by those around you.

Libra Rising Sign: The Ascendant in Libra and its meaning

With your sharp mind, you make sure you have the right knowledge and cultivation in order to ‘get’ all the sensitive aspects of people and situations. You also have an air of ‘self-promotion’ without, however, any bad intentions.
You support justice and honour and usually have a well-balanced sense of social values. You seek companionship, not just emotionally but socially as well. In this way, you develop a strong social conscience that works positively for other people. Teamwork and collective activities offer you the appreciation and admiration of others and this gives you particular satisfaction.
In your love life, you are very romantic and know perfectly well how to create a ‘magical’ atmosphere so your relationship can grow. You have a strong intuition and, when you meet someone, you usually know what chances you have with them. You are willing to make many compromises for your partner as you want to share with them not only day-to-day life but the big plans for the future that you like to have.
You adapt easily to a shared life as balance and harmony are essential for you to feel secure and take the strength to face any adversity. Your ability to weigh situations correctly and take the right decisions can help you have a successful career in law. You could also make your name as an art critic.
You enjoy taking care of your home and putting your personal aesthetic stamp on it. You have a talent for creating a natural harmony of colours and shapes to produce a feeling of serenity. You are endowed with a healthy sense of humour and know how to make others have a good time. As a result people enjoy your company and want you to like them. Nevertheless you often form superficial friendships that don’t last long.
You are very sensitive and can easily sense when something is lurking beneath the surface of a situation, something which helps you to keep your distance from people and things who lack harmony or you believe aren’t worth your attention. In any case, your main aspiration is to have harmony and balance to feed and revive your spirit.

Libra ascendant personality traits

If your Rising sign is Libra, the ruling planet of your Ascendant is Venus. Representing beauty and love, Venus makes you extremely desirable by conferring an aura of elegance and gentility on you.

Your sophistication and intelligence allow you to handle delicate matters with tact and treat other people’s feelings with respect. You’re also endowed with the ability to play up your strengths without coming off as overly competitive or pretentious.

Libra Rising people are fervent advocates of social justice. They long to connect with others both on a personal and on a social level. They are suited to careers in law because they tend to be fair and relatively unbiased in their assessment of situations. As a Libra Ascendant person, you’re drawn to endeavors that require a spirit of cooperation, not least because group work provides you with the opportunity to earn other people’s respect.

You have a wide social circle, because you’re humorous, amiable and fun to be around, but your friendships can be shallow and short-lived. You’re highly perceptive, which allows you to avoid situations that could threaten your peace of mind and sense of stability. You have an instinctive appreciation of beauty, which enables you to combine various patterns and colors to create a living space imbued with a sense of tranquillity, and which explains why Libra Ascendant people make good art critics.

When it comes to romance, you are intuitive enough to be able to sense whether or not your interest in someone is reciprocated. Libra Ascendant people are flexible and have no difficulty adjusting to the demands of a long-term relationship. They don’t hesitate to make the concessions necessary to build a harmonious relationship with the potential to last a lifetime, as living in a balanced, steady environment gives them a sense of emotional safety and strengthens their spirit. As a Libra Ascendant person, you know how to make your partner feel cherished, as you are incredibly romantic.

Libra Ascendant Man

Libra Ascendant men often find themselves in superficial relationships because they are uncomfortable with being single and easily deceived by good looks. It takes time for them to realize that all that glitters is not gold. They are somewhat traditional in how they approach romantic relationships. When they find a woman with whom they can build the harmonious relationship they long for, they remain devoted and loyal to her. They make extremely caring fathers. They also make very attentive and sensitive lovers. They are very generous in bed. Sometimes they enjoy letting their partner take charge.

Libra Ascendant Woman

Libra Ascendant women are intelligent and extremely charming. They resemble Libra Ascendant men in that they, too, dislike being single, but, unlike them, they are not easily swayed by beauty; they need to be convinced of a man’s wit before they get involved with him. Libra Ascendant women defy categorization. They give the impression of being damsels in distress one minute and in total control the next. They often appear to let their partner take charge, leading him to believe they agree with his ideas, while they actually do things their own way. They place a high value on harmony and balance. When it comes to sex, they like their lovers to be giving and romantic; when their partner makes them feel cherished, they’re eager to return the favor.

Celebrities with Libra ascendant

Famous people with Libra Rising are Bill Clinton, Francois Mitterand, J.F.Kennedy, Isaac Newton, Frank Sinatra, Rafaella Carra, Leonardo Di Caprio, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, Jared Leto, Kate Winslet, Avril Lavigne, Gerard Butler, Harrison Ford, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ewan McGregor, Denzel Washington.

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