Life of Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks was an American stand-up comedian and social critic, one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century. He was considered as one of the masters of dark and observational comedy. He was drawn to comedy from an early age and performed in front of his friends at school. Later, he started performing at nightclubs and soon went to Los Angeles to pursue his career as a stand-up comedian. Much of his comedy acts involved direct attacks on mainstream society, religion, politics and consumerism. He was the sarcastic and satiric voice of society which altered people’s perception of events and made them see things from a different angle. He also got addicted to alcohol and drugs in his career but managed to overcome it, inspiring millions of people through his ingenious thinking and dark humoristic ideas. After his death, his body of work gained a significant measure of acclaim in creative circles, and he developed a substantial cult following. He was brutally honest in terms of describing the society. His famous philosophy on life, ‘It’s Just a Ride’, is a perfect reflection of his personality and continues to encourage his fans to live life with immense satisfaction, love and cheerfulness.

Bill Hicks Interview Collection

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