Quick access to an assorted collection of Mindfulness audios for people on the go..

Power up your work sessions.

This is Mind Booster mini – a compact version of our mega library of over 4000+ Mindfulness Audios & Videos that is available on our website.

Boost mental energy & focus, experience deep states of meditation, relaxation & contemplation, fall asleep faster and recharge yourself with the powerful motivation when you’re feeling beat down. This compact version of our Mind Booster compilation is easily accessible on our homepage for people on the go.

To explore our entire Mind Boosting Library visit Mind, Music, Mind Music, Motivation, Meditations.

Quick Tip for Phone users:

In some instances your browsers may stop playing Audios on the background (locked screen) to save battery, but it’s not a big deal.

1. Solution for iPhone: Use Safari instead of Chrome

Using Safari on your iPhone you can play these audios on the background like any other music app. If you’re using Chrome, depending on your iPhone version – it might not play on the background, so for best Audio experience use Safari.

2. Solution for Android: Change Chrome settings

Settings > Apps > Chrome > Battery > Slide “Close after screen locked” off






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