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Introducing Planet NRON – a curated library for the mind.

NRON is on a mission to soon become leading resource website on the topic of mind science, meditation, metaphysics and self-improvement. While the web is rapidly growing and over crowded with content on these topics, NRON is trying to build a learning path website where it is easy for people to discover great content easily.

As we started this journey few months back – we’ve identified thousands of high quality video producers on Youtube. It is not possible to have everyone on our website – as it will defeat the purpose, hence we’ve launched a ‘Partner Program’ where you can become one of our ‘Preferred Content Partners’ and have your Channel listed with on our website and given special placements to drive more traffic than our regular partners. 

Hope you join and become one of our preferred partners, your videos will be distributed on our website on a regular basis, be listed in weekly featured lists at no additional costs and avail deep partner discounts on Home & Category page placements in near future.

Have questions? Contact us here. 

Disclaimer: We’re a startup, we have not commercially launched and few negligible traffic to speak of. However, we’re building the only website of this nature which is building a learning path directory of all things related to the mind – hence we are going to be one of the leading traffic generators in this category over the next few months.

Kindly note: This is an introductory pricing, which maybe revised anytime.