Pisces Ascendant (Everything you need to know)

Jupiter and Neptune are the planets that rule Pisces ascendant. These two planets act in common to broaden your perceptive mind and strengthen your feelings of compassion for anything around you that that is suffering.

The same planets stand by you and protect Pisces rising sign from its often risky choices. Neptune gives you an inner strength and the ability to come up with solutions to impossible situations, while Jupiter gives you well-measured luck, good health and a pleasant disposition. Moreover, Neptune is the one who, on the one hand, endows you with a restless spirit and wanderlust and, on the other, fills you with a fear of acting and of the dangers that you might encounter – dangers that may be imaginary. In this way, Neptune impedes you and puts a break on your desire to have the freedom to act and do as you want, which you get from Jupiter. You thus become hesitant, get confused when making a choice and resort to behaving secretively, which only angers other people. You want change not in order to gain material goods and comforts but to escape from the dangers that you imagine are lurking all around you.

Pisces Rising Sign: The Ascendant in Pisces and its meaning

You enjoy wandering and searching out new experiences through spiritual or intellectual journeys, which are essential for your breezy personality. You dream and create visions of a utopian world which is free, as a social consciousness is embedded deeply inside of you.
You desire justice, honour, brotherhood and equality. You envision a space that is free, where there is no discrimination on the basis of age, gender, race and creed. These ideals accompany you throughout your life, although others might see your ideas as a provocation.
You are generous and give your all in caring for others. If, however, your feelings are questioned then you become introspective, you tend to isolate yourself and become disheartened. Yet, even when you are isolated, you use an invisible touch of theatricality. Neptune, the planet of mystery, wraps you up in this ‘aura of deception’. You have, in any case, a strong artistic sensibility inside of you.
Your existence is guided more by emotion than by logic. This is why you have a great ability to transcend things and be a leading figure in the art world, easily changing roles and personalities. You may be able to cultivate your emotions correctly and become a true visionary, instead of being stuck in a confused visionary jumble.

Pisces Ascendant personality traits

As a Pisces Ascendant person, you are amiable (thanks to Jupiter) and inventive in the face of adversity (thanks to Neptune). Due to Neptune’s influence, your spirit thirsts for the new, the uncharted and the unpredictable, but at the same time, your tendency to exaggerate potential difficulties causes you to shy away from taking risks and from actively working to make your dreams come true. Jupiter makes you yearn for freedom, but Neptune hinders you in your pursuit of it. As a result, you remain inert when faced with dilemmas and tend to keep your thoughts hidden from those around you. When you seek change, you do so not in the hopes of fulfilling materialistic desires, but in the hopes of attaining the sense of emotional security that eludes you.

Pisces Ascendant people are focused on enriching their life by exploring their spirituality and expanding their mental horizons. They tend to give precedence to emotion over reason. They are given to idealistic reverie and driven by the desire to see people shed the bondage of inequality and discrimination. They envisage a perfect world – a world of fairness, freedom, compassion and solidarity – and stick to their ideals with passionate conviction even when that means going against the tide of popular opinion.

As a Pisces Ascendant person, you have a cheery, magnanimous, kind-hearted disposition, and are always ready to actively support those in need of your help. When faced with suspicion and distrust, you’re overcome with disillusionment and withdraw from the world. However, you never really shed the illusory mask bestowed upon you by Neptune.

Pisces Ascendant people possess an inexhaustible reservoir of creativity that manifests itself in the form of artistic expression and allows them to immerse themselves in different personalities and, thus, overcome the limitations of the self. They have the ability to harness their feelings in remarkably constructive ways.

Pisces Ascendant Man

Pisces Ascendant men can charm people from all walks of life, but have difficulty separating the wheat from the chaff. Their need to escape the limitations of everyday existence often leads them to explore arcane philosophical questions. They are easy to fall in love with, but unlikely to make the first move when they’re interested in someone; they expect to be vehemently pursued because they need to feel desired. They make extremely sensual and generous lovers, and tend to be drawn to daring, assertive women. A large part of their appeal lies in their mysterious magnetism.

Pisces Ascendant Woman

Pisces Ascendant women feel the need to be cherished and taken care of. There’s something mystical about them that makes them alluring and captivating. They personify romance. They possess a magnetism that makes them extremely appealing to the members of the opposite sex. They are highly intuitive, but not good at handling practical, everyday matters. They are prone to mood swings, get easily disappointed, and sometimes have difficulty distinguishing between reality and fantasy. However, they always trust in life and never question their partner’s reliability. When it comes to sex, they are as generous as Pisces Ascendant men, but often fail to express their own wants and desires. They often use art as an outlet for their creativity and imagination.

Celebrities with Pisces ascendant

Famous people with Capricorn Rising are Alfred Hitchcock, George Clooney, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Al Capone, Oriana Fallaci, Aristotle Onassis, Robert Redford, Whitney Houston, Demi Moore.

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