Signs & Planets analysis

Assuming you’ve your Sun sign, Moon Sign, Ascendant and the position of your planets – you’re all set. Firstly let’s understand the difference between your Sun sign, Moon Sign and your Ascendant.

To put it in the most simple way;

Sun sign – your outward personality or how you interact with the world

Moon sign – represents how you’re mental & emotional self

Ascendant –  represents your core personality, your inner self

You’ll have an amalgamation of all three personality types.

When I used try and checkup my personality through Sun sign, I used to be mildly satisfied – it was more of a psychological thing to agree to their personality traits. It is only when I discovered about ‘Ascendant’ – I realized the true power of astrology. I personally identify myself with my Rising sign/ascendant to almost 80% of it’s traits – while I do have my Moon sign & Sun sign traits, but nothing is as dominant as my Ascendant traits.

I believe you would have the same experience.

Now, below is the compilation of all the best videos on every Sign and Planetary position you might have. How does this help? You see, the beauty of internet is having multiple view points from a diverse group of experts. That is exactly what this is. Instead of you wasting time hopping around the internet looking for the right videos, we’ve handpicked the best ones for you to deep dive into your Sun sign, Moon Sign, Ascendant and all planetary positions.

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