Supreme Personality – How to Use your Secret Mind Power by Dr Delmer Eugene Croft

Your Psychic Nature possesses limitless power and possibilities, which you may have as life realities. Quit damning yourself. Nothing is impossible. You hold the key to the Universe. Mind is Supreme. Thought limitless. Weave your Spirit out of sunbeams. Seize the glittering stars and they will become your chariots. You and the Universe of God are one. To-day is eternal. This shining moment is everlasting. Lift your eyes to Visions that gleam thru the purple clouds of loveliness, from the matchless forms of Beauty, and YOU SHALL SEE THE INVISIBLE. Listen to the Voices that unseal the velvet lips of Silence, and YOU SHALL HEAR THE INAUDIBLE. Put forth your Supreme hand unto Dominions, Principalities and Powers, and YOU SHALL DO THE IMPOSSIBLE. Dr. Croft, New Haven, Conn.

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