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Counter Arguments to the Fractal Universe rely on the model that describes an even distribution of matter throughout the entire universe. Which is primarily based on the overall assumptions of the universe. Discoveries such as the ‘Bootes Void’ and the ‘CMB Cold Spot’ contradict this current model of the universe, due to the fact that matter is not evenly distributed in zones such as these.

Cited from the counterargument:

[“And that means matter is evenly distributed throughout the universe at large distance scales, and thus that the universe isn’t a fractal. If it had been fractal-like, “it would mean our whole picture of the universe could be wrong,” Scrimgeour said. According to the accepted history of the universe, there hasn’t been enough time since the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago for gravity to generate such large structures.”]

The Counter Argument to The Fractal Universe Theory… If we are to better understand the universe, we must be willing to accept the possibility that our assumptions of space-time and the general theory of relativity, are wrong and must be re-evaluated based on a complete overview of the new information.

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