The Perfect Cosmological Principle | Return of the Steady State Universe

According to modern cosmology, the Steady State model of the universe, an alternative to the Big Bang theory, is now obsolete. Yet, modern cosmology faces devastating blows to Big Bang cosmology. “Dark matter” weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPS) have not been detected. Super-symmetry particles have also not be detected. The recent observation of gravitational waves has been discredited. The absence of these discoveries is a devastating blow to modern cosmology placing it on shaky ground. As the Big Bang and Inflation theory begin to loose their luster, the return to a steady state theory of the universe seems inevitable.

We’ve been exploring the idea of three-dimensional time and applying it to physics. Multidimensional time isn’t a new idea by any stretch. Yet, a unique way of deriving three-dimensional time emerges from a set of simple and peculiar equations. Let’s suspend everything we know about time for a moment and open up our imagination. The concepts of ordinary time and time dilation found in physics have equivalences with our use of multidimensional time and are easily accounted for. These equivalences gives rise to temporal mechanics, a new approach to the concept of mass and how it relates to energy and conservation laws. Can multidimensional time be used to solve the unresolved problems in physics?

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