Virgo Ascendant (Everything you need to know)

The ruler of Virgo ascendant is Mercury. To this you owe your inquisitive and open mind and your great love of learning. Moreover, it is to Mercury that you also owe your attention to your appearance, your physical condition and your nutrition. You thus lead a healthy lifestyle and follow the right path to maintain a great physical condition.

Virgo Rising Sign: The Ascendant in Virgo and its meaning

You have a pronounced tendency to chase perfection in everything you do and to look at every detail under a microscope. This leads you towards professions that require specialisation, especially to those related to the arts. You are also a powerful thinker as you excel in mathematics and the natural sciences.
You have a great memory and organise your knowledge in a systematic way in your mind, so that when you need to remember something you can recall it very easily. In your professional life, you pursue complex careers, such as information technology or applied engineering, as these jobs make the best use of your skills in classification and organisation. Your natural talent helps you to structure information and this helps in both your professional development and your social advancement and establishment.
Your love of learning has no limits or boundaries and, for this reason, you can choose any profession, from medicine and research, to those arts that require detailed skills or literature, where your imagination knows no bounds.
Your analytical skills help you to quickly and easily make sense of the confused information you are given and to retain the important details and discard the superfluous and useless.
You have a concern for perfection and cleanliness, not only of the body but also of the soul. This fact is usually manifested in your daily life through an excessive focus on clean clothes, a tidy living and work space, and in the excessive arrangement of the things around you and your daily programme. You feel lost and confused at the slightest sudden change.
You often suffer from a lack of security and self-confidence and this has significant repercussions on your personal life. You have a tendency to analyse both your feelings and those of others and this aspect of your personality blocks you from developing close relationships easily. You have high expectations from your partner and this means that you are often disappointed. The same goes for your friendships, as your caustic sense of humour and overcritical nature are often misunderstood.

Virgo ascendant personality traits

Virgo Ascendant people excel in whatever requires attention to detail, constant education and specialization of any sort. Memory is a strong point and –again thanks to Mercury- processing information is something you are not only good at, but also probably enjoy.  Your love of learning has no limits or boundaries and, for this reason, you can choose any profession, from medicine and research, to those arts that require detailed skills or literature, where your imagination can also grow.
As a Virgo Ascendant and your capability to sort out complex information, people tend to come to you for advice on complicated matters. You are great at focusing on what’s important and discarding any useless piece of information –contrary to a person with Gemini Ascendant, with whom you share the same ruler, Mercury.
Your constant focus on perfection, order and cleanliness, might cause you excessive stress and make you feel lost and confused at the slightest sudden change. Not everything has to be neat and orderly all the time! Virgo Rising people tend to have self confidence issues because of their judgement approach to everything (including themselves, their appearance and their performance). Their analytical thinking cause them to overanalyze everything and have incredibly high expectations, which often leads to frustration and disappointment.

Virgo ascendant appearance

If your Ascendant is Virgo, the planet which rules the first house of your chart is Mercury. Because of Mercury, you are bound to have an inquisitive mind and a love for learning and education. You likely pay great attention to detail, your fitness and your appearance. A healthy lifestyle is key for a Virgo Ascendant person and maintaining it will be an important focus in your life. Things such as being well groomed and wearing clean and tidy clothes are important to you. Needless to say that your Ascendant in Virgo makes you a perfectionist –a great trait, but also a curse.

Virgo Ascendant Man

Virgo Ascendant men aspire to perfection in all areas of their life, and their romantic relationships are no exception. They are their own harshest critics and hold their partner to equally exacting standards. They’re hardly given to reverie, though. On the contrary, they are assiduous in the pursuit of their goals. They’re usually drawn to hard-working, sharp-witted women. They are extremely selective when it comes to the women they commit to; they prefer being single to settling for a partner who cannot live up to their expectations. They’re too practically-minded to shower their significant other with romantic gestures, but they make very committed partners and are highly competent in financial matters.

Virgo Ascendant Woman

The Virgo Ascendant woman tends to idolize and worship her significant other – not because she’s blind to his weaknesses, but because she doesn’t judge him harshly for them. At the same time, though, she’s not generous with her praise for his successes, and can even be rather critical of his failures. Virgo Ascendant women make very devoted partners and don’t give up easily on their relationships; they usually put a great amount of effort into making things works. If they realize a relationship has no chance of success, though, they will up and leave without ever looking back. They need to feel cherished and appreciated before they can commit and let go sexually.

Virgo Ascendant Celebrities

There are many well-known celebrities with Virgo Rising, mostly from the world of music, movies and even politics. Some of the most notable Virgo Ascendant celebrities are Madonna, Sharon Stone, Nicolas Sarkozy, Walt Disney, Nicolaus Copernicus, David Copperfield, Brooke Shields, Paul McCartney, Franklin Roosevelt, Keanu Reeves, Uma Thurman, Steve Jobs, Marion Cotillard, Mozart,Bruce Willis, Renee Zellweger, Tom Hanks.

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